Plague Doctor

>Dress up as plague doctor.
>Walk down the street to McDonalds.
>Walk in and walk to the counter.
>Hot blond girl turns around and screams.
>Put on my deep voice.
>”Do not fear me child!”
>Bend down then leap onto the counter.
>Knocking down the register and charity jar.
>Raise my hands in the air
>Manager storms from behind some machines with a pissed off look.
>Do a MJ spin and kick some fat kids McFlurry to the ground.
>”You are fat. You do not need this.”
>Tip my hat at the manager and jump off the counter.
>Run for door and see this bitch/hot girl.
>From senior year of high school.
>She is eating some fries and stops and stares at me with a open mouth.
>Sprint to her.
>Grab bag full of fries and slaps her.
>Manager screams as he grabs me.
>Spin and slap him across the face.
>”Unhand me. Male of brown skin”
>Run out of store after I sparta kicked the door.
>Run home and walked back with out my costume.
>See the sign with the no dogs stuff.
>Picutre of a plague doctor with the cross out thing on it.